Track People and Assets In Real Time with BHJ Artificial Intelligence

BHJ implements forward thinking technology in businesses to streamline and optimize operations. Our solutions are customized to your business needs, creating solutions for both people and assets that focus on increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Our Technologies


Yah RTLS tracks people or assets in real time using existing infrastructure with or without additional investment. It provides comprehensive and optimized location tracking solutions with GPS, Wireless, RFID and magnetic field in passive or active ways.


YAH AI is an artificial intelligence decision making process that uses big data mined from YAH RTLS to facilitate application decision making and enhanced people and asset location tracking.

YAH Path

YAH Path utilizes YAH RTLS and YAH AI to generate optimized routes between two different points within a building. It creates routes and 3D maps, enhancing the selected path with images, signs, audio, and video.

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